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  • The Computer Chronicles was hosted by Stewart Cheifet and broadcast from 1983-2002. Some of my favorite episodes include:
    • The Internet” (1993): jump to 9:08 to watch Brendan Kehoe demo Gopher to explain “what is the big deal about Internet?”; Howard Rheingold demos the Well at 18:52.
    • Online Services: Part I” (1987): features a young Steve Case showing off Quantum Link (7:15).
    • Web Site Creation” (1997) includes coverage of “a new trade show just for web designers” (15:45), The Web Design and Development Exhibition (Web ’97), where an East Coast design team battles a West Coast design team to create a site for a non-profit in 8 hours. (The East Coast team wins because they care about “content” while the West Coast team focused heavily on technology. Two years later the tables were turning with the rise of e-commerce systems.)
  • Jelane’s Free Web Graphics was a popular resource for web graphics in the mid-to-late 90s. It’s no longer online (the archived version I linked to is from 1999) but you can still find thousands of references to this site from DIY web publishers. I remember being very inspired by her notion of “families” when I made my first site in 1996. This was like using templates before CSS.

Internet history projects

Web Archiving

Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine

Internet Memory Foundation (formerly the European Archive)

LiWA Living Web Archives

Wikipedia List of Web Archiving Initiatives

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